What Is Singapore Airlines Name Correction Policy?

Airlines nowadays enforce these rules strictly. Therefore, breaking any aircraft law may result in problems. Similarly, it might be difficult to travel with the wrong name. However, Singapore Airlines has a name modification policy that lets you fix the name that is written incorrectly on your ticket, sparing you from having to put up with this hassle. The policy for name change on Singapore Airlines ticket is simple. You may easily and simply correct your name using this. Therefore, for a smooth travel experience, follow the advice provided below.

What Types Of Name Correction Are Allowed By Singapore Airlines?

The Singapore Airlines name correction policy permits passengers to correct misspelled names for the following reasons:

  • Name Correction: You can amend or rectify the spelling errors in this case. You can also change your married, divorced, or maiden name, but you’ll need to file the necessary legal paperwork. 
  • Name Change: Under the policy on name changes, you can ask to have your first, middle, or last name changed to something that resembles the name on your official government identification document. 
  • Legal Name Change: Legal requirements such as adoption, gender transition, etc., are the reason for the name change. To further establish your identification, you must present a government-issued ID. 

What Are The Terms And Conditions For Singapore Airlines Name Change?

Below are all the restrictions and conditions that apply to the Singapore Airlines ticket name change policy: 

  • Passengers on Singapore Airlines may seek a name correction or alteration. But you can only alter limited characters. 
  • Your airline ticket name and the name on your government-issued identity must match. 
  • Any name changes or corrections to the Singapore flight ticket must be done at least 24 hours prior to the departure of the trip. 
  • It is strictly forbidden to change your gender or date of birth while making name changes on the ticket. 
  • Documentation proving validation is required for name changes resulting from legal events such as marriage, divorce, adoption, etc. 
  • According to the guidelines for changing the name of Singapore Airlines, you are not permitted to transfer your ticket or alter who owns it. 
  • If your reservation was made through them rather than by official representatives, it is preferable to contact travel agents or other third parties.  
  • It is pointless to ask for name revisions after you embark on your journey. 
  • Depending on the price type you booked, you could be required to pay the name correction or fee difference when seeking a name change or correction. 

How To Change Name On Singapore Airlines Ticket?

The airline is aware of each passenger’s wants and specifications. As a result, it offers a variety of convenient ways to change misspelled names. These are all easy to use and safe ways. Proceed through the subsequent parts and implement the method of your choice to carry out the Singapore Airlines name change. 

Singapore Airline Name Change Via Website

If you would want to edit or amend anything on your own, follow these steps:

  • Visit Singapore Airlines’ official website first.
  • Secondly, locate the “Manage Booking” option and choose it. 
  • Now, enter your last name and the six-digit booking reference number in the appropriate area.
  • After that, you may change your name and file all the necessary formal paperwork. 
  • Go over the instructions and, if necessary, submit payment. 

Singapore Airline Name Change On Call

Instead of canceling their travel, passengers who make name mistakes can amend or fix their name by calling the Singapore Airlines customer care hotline. Dial +1 (833) 727-0118 to get help from an official Singapore Airlines representative. In addition, contact the independent support service 24/7 at +1-800-865-1848 (minimal waiting time) for prompt assistance with any flight-related problems. 

Singapore Airline Name Change At The Airport

Travelers wishing to alter their passenger name can go to the Singapore Airlines ticket counter at the airport. All name correction requests may be handled by the competent authorities at your local airport. After your request has been approved, you will be required to provide validation. Make sure you have the necessary documentation, such as a passport or other government-approved identification.

How Much Is Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee?

There is no fee if you ask for a name change on Singapore Airlines within 24 hours after booking. You might have to pay USD 50 after the 24-hour period from the time of booking. The cost of name correction may go up based on the type of fare you bought and your eligibility. You must speak with a live representative at the Singapore Airlines helpdesk to seek a legal name change and to find out the costs involved. 

Can I Travel With Singapore Airlines With A Misspelled Name?

No. According to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines, the name on the boarding permit must match the name on the passenger’s government-issued ID to ensure that all passengers have been cleared to fly after being checked against the government’s watchlist and that the reservation has complied with Singapore Airlines name correction policy.

Can I Board With Singapore Airlines With No Last Name?Singapore Airlines Name Correction

It is not important to include your last name on your ticket when booking if it is not on your government-issued ID. Under Singapore Airlines’ no last name policy, travelers may then use their first name as a surname. It is not possible to change the last name once the ticket is issued (legal reasons may apply). If you are unable to modify your last name after the ticket is issued, you may occasionally need to cancel your reservation, request a refund, and create a new itinerary.

Wrapping Up!

The airline provides all of its customers with freedom. Additionally, Singapore Airlines recognizes that name corrections or modifications may occasionally become necessary and has designed its name change policy with your convenience in mind. It’s thus best to be aware of all the necessary information in case you ever find yourself in such a situation. You may contact the customer service staff by calling +1 (833) 727-0118 or by visiting the official airline website. To address any flight-related concerns, you may also reach the flight experts at +1-800-865-1848 if they are not accessible at this time.