Center Post Hollow Point Ammo and Federal HST: What You Need to Know

The ammo you decide to carry for defensive applications is every bit as important as the gun. It must be consistent and reliable, and in the case of ammo, should offer optimal energy transfer characteristics while optimally balancing penetration and disruption.

This is the reason we have bonded and non-bonded hollow-points and hollow points with skived jackets.

There is another feature of some hollow-point ammo, like Federal’s Hydra-Shok (the predecessor to HST) that is not present in some subsequent generations of Federal ammo like Federal HST.

Take, for instance, the center post. What is the purpose and why is it absent in other lines? We’ll take a closer look here.

Why Did Hydra-Shok Ammo Have a Center Post in the First Place?

There’s one big reason for the inclusion of a center post in some hollow point ammo, such as Federal HST.

The whole point of a center post in hollow point ammo is to redirect fluid forces out towards the inside of the hollow point. This creates high pressure to force the core and jacket of the bullet outward, and helps ensure consistent, maximal expansion.

It makes sense. By filling in some of the void, the comparative pressure arising from higher fluid forces will increase as a result of that cone in the center of the nose.

But some defensive ammunition lines, like Federal HST, do not have the center post. They still perform admirably.

Federal HST Doesn’t: Here’s How It Stacks Up on Performance

Despite the lack of a center post in the hollow of the nose of Federal HST bullets, the overall design of these updated bullets is still engineered for success.

With that said, despite the lack of a center post, Federal HST ammo still offers numerous design features that still all but ensure optimal expansion, penetration and energy transfer characteristics.

For instance, HST ammo is made with a deeply skived jacket. These skives (or striations, if you will) serve as tearaway points along which the jacket will shear away as the core expands. They help ensure proper expansion on contact with a target.

Also, Federal HST has been extensively tested against plugging, a phenomenon that sometimes occurs when firing hollow point ammo at a soft target when there are interposing barriers in between.

Sometimes, when firing a hollow point at a soft target when there are interposing barriers of fabric, the void in the nose of the bullet will plug with the fabric and will not reliably expand. This is an unfortunate occurrence that badly counteracts the efficacy of hollow point ammo.

With that said, Federal HST ammo has been tested against this, and has been demonstrated to perform admirably even when there are barriers in the way. Moreover, these bullets consistently expand to about twice their diameter, on average, upon impact. It offers optimal terminal performance with respect to weight retention, expansion and energy transfer while corralling the risk of overpenetration.

So, as you can see, HST has not suffered the loss of the center post of its predecessor. On the contrary, it performs as well as any hollow point ammo on the market.

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