Creating Unique Boxes from Old Board Game Boxes

Puzzles are an indispensable item on the shelves of many Canadian homes, as people spend hours playing them with their families and friends. However, over time, games tend to get old and the players may get bored with them as well. Do not discard those old board game boxes since there are plenty of innovative ideas that can turn these boxes into new creations. 


Below, we have compiled seven creative ideas, which help you to reuse common custom board game boxes wholesale creatively and unusually, starting from board game box packaging and ending with the creation of a beautiful shelving unit. Welcome to the section, get ready to give your best shots and bring out your creative side!


Storage Solutions: Board Game Boxes

Why not, instead of using simple and easily worn out low company boxes to put in your items, why not try to put your items by making use of the custom game boxes once again? 


Strengthen the corners and edges of the cardboard using a strong type of adhesive tape to ensure that the cardboard form is rigid then the compartments can be used to store such items that are small and many such as arts and crafts, office or kitchenware among others. It is good to label each box to avoid confusion during the organization and store the boxes neatly either on shelves or in the closet. 


Transforming into Artwork

Almost all rooms come with blank game boards, and thus, can be personalized in any way that a designer deems fit. These are examples of blank spaces that won’t leave you bored and you can spend hours doing art here. 


The surface of the board can be painted or drawn over, complex patterns can be carved and domes can be added; photos and snapshots, cut-out magazine pictures can also be glued onto the board. Decorating one’s home using stencils is an exciting and unique way of expressing personality and improving home aesthetics.


Hanging Shelves

To turn your board game boxes into some cool DIY board game shelves you can follow the steps below which will show you how to transform even the most worn and awkward of boxes into some of the most beautiful shelves you’ve ever seen. For this part, paint or finish the exterior according to your interior design taste and finally screw the box on the wall using appropriate brackets. 


Gift Wrapping

Try repurposing old board game boxes as wrappers for your gifts in a personal way for the family members you care about. Select a box that has the appropriate design that fits the event, then add tissue paper or shredded paper to create a soft surface for the gift. 


Add a touch of union favorites and dress the exterior in ribbons, bows or stickers to add further features. Not only does it save you money and help your present avoid being thrown away but it also makes the act of giving a gift a surprise and a little bit retro.


Storage Containers

These are some ideas of what a board game box could be, you could even recycle old boxes of board games into different boxes that would fit into your collection. Remove game parts separately and use more strengthened materials like cardboard or foam board in the preparation of dividers to help keep the game parts neatly stacked and easily sorted.


It is important in that it helps you store your games in a neat and presentable manner as well as shields them from any harm which may arise and makes sure that they can be used when called for during game sessions.


Upcycled Planters

Upgrade your unused board game boxes to chic planters for indoor herb gardens or mini succulents and appreciate the creative reuse of things. Place a sheet of plastic or foil at the bottom of the box to avoid water accumulating on the container and afterward fill it with compost and your preferred plants. They are fun planters which give life to any area and make people wonder as to why they are in that particular form.


Pet Beds

Let your dogs and cats enjoy comfortable beds made from old board game boxes that are no longer in use. Select a hardy box that your pet can fit into comfortably and place a cushion or blanket over it. Choose paint or fabric that complements the outdoor area and position it where your pet favors resting or napping. Not only does it give your pet a warm place to sleep and spend its time in, but the home furniture also brings a playful note to your home.



It is quite astonishing just how much one can bend the custom boxes wholesale in which board games come and recycle them into items used in daily life or for home decoration. Board games are great, but the boxes they come with are even better when one is thinking about how they can transform these boring boxes into creative, functional, stylish, and fun additions to their home or gifts for friends and family. So the next time when you want to throw away those old boxes, you might just regret that those can turn out to be your next project masterpieces.