What is the Best Tarot Card to Draw?

Every tarot card has its times of glory and terribleness. What kind of cards you intend to draw will rely on what you want. The following is a collection of scenarios along with cards that could be useful in those situations.

Tarot Cards for Transformation

It’s strange to consider, yet The Tower and Death can both have positive tarot card meanings. The Tower has a connection to unrest. Yes, it can indicate chaos. However, it can also refer to an abrupt shift or awakening.

The Tower is terrible if you’re looking for slow, gradual advancement. However, it works well if you need it quickly.

In the same way, Death marks the conclusion of one cycle and the beginning of another. Although reading the word “death” is unpleasant, when you consider the seasonal nature of things, it just signifies the close of one period and the start of another. Moreover, Free Online Tarot Card Reading can help you get a better grip on tarot cards.

Tarot Cards for Tolerance

Temperance is commonly connected with both patience and balance. With one foot on land and the other in the water, the card shows an angelic-looking figure flowing water from one cup to another. The card speaks about how everything unfolds in due course, often at a beautiful moment.

The card of the hermit is about being by oneself and venturing out on your own. This card is about dedicating yourself to something greater while working alone, just like the ancient religious hermits did, even if it has nothing to do with patience. And patience is required in that kind of existence.

Tarot Cards for Plenty

Although there aren’t any tarot cards that are particularly fortunate, some can indicate plenty. One is the Empress, although her plenty is more typically linked to fertility than wealth. You shouldn’t expect to become pregnant if you select that card, of course, as it doesn’t necessarily signify that.

Another card of plenty is the Nine of Pentacles. It’s a picture of a woman enjoying all the products of her labor, and it serves as a wonderful reminder to embrace the abundance you’ve brought about, no matter how it appears.

Tarot Cards for Hope

The Star is a healing-related card. This card is about having new trust and appreciating all of life’s benefits.

The Sun card shows a baby holding a flag while riding a horse. In the distance, sunflowers are visible. It lacks the sadness of the actual Millhouse and is more of an “everything’s coming up Millhouse” type of card. Although it can represent achievement or victory, its true meaning is happiness in general.

It’s common to think of the Ten of Cups and the Ten of Pentacles as eternally happy cards. Although the Pentacles and Cups represent opposite aspects of life (earth and water, respectively), they both show happy families together taking advantage of the benefits that match their respective suits.

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Tarot Cards for Bliss

The card known as the Three of Cups shows three women holding up their glasses. It’s a card about celebrating togetherness. It seems like the perfect party card.

The Ace of Cups shows a cup spilling over. This card represents feelings of happiness and the beginning of something positive.

The card The World, which depicts an angelic figure in the sky, completes the main arcana. This card is about winning and the breaking of a cycle. It’s about reaching a new height and honoring the previous adventure.


Now, you have the answer to your question. Drawing the tarot cards depends on the individual and the situation he is going through. The tarot cards will come naturally with the situation and individual connection with the card.