Which is the Best Medical University in Georgia?

The top medical universities in Georgia are very popular for MBBS abroad. A plethora of students, not only from India but also from other foreign countries, go to study MBBS in Georgia for the quality of education and the affordable fee structure. It is home to the best medical universities, and the names of those universities are given below. 


  • Georgian National University (SEU) 
  • Georgian American University
  • East European University 
  • David Tvildiani Medical University
  • Akaki Tsereteli State University
  • Alte Univerisity


One of the best choices for Indian students who wish to pursue an MBBS overseas is an MBBS in Georgia. Georgia’s education system is well-established, well-regarded, and widely accepted. For Indian medical students, doing MBBS in Georgia is a more accessible and respectable alternative internationally.


Well, to know more about the best medical universities in Georgia, it is important to know them in detail, and within the graps of this short blog, the first and last medical universities are given here. 

Georgian National University (SEU)

Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, is home to Georgian National University. The organization was established in 2001. This university seeks to offer a thorough education that blends academic understanding with real-world application. Frequently, aspirants come here to fulfill their ambitions and reach their objectives. Among Georgia’s best universities is the Georgian National University. As a result, it ranks 20th in the nation, while Georgian University is ranked #9441 worldwide. 

Why Georgia National University?

  • Numerous employment options, including specialization, postgraduate possibilities, and residency programs in Georgia and many other countries, are available to graduates of SEU’s MBBS degree.
  • Georgian National University (SEU) is regarded as one of the best options for high-quality study because of its reputation for high academic standards and quality education.
  • Georgian University (SEU) has highly motivated staff with a variety of subject-matter skills.


MBBS fees in Georgia for SEU

If you want to pursue an MBBS degree from the university for a lower amount of money, the Georgian National University SEU World Ranking while Georgian University is ranked #9441 worldwide. can be a good option for you because of its reputation for providing economical education.


In terms of costs, an applicant wishing to study MBBS at Georgian University will need to budget approximately US$5500+3000 in a single year. This amount covers living expenses, food, and academy fees. With a few additional costs, an MBBS candidate has to budget about US$8,000 annually.

Alte Univerisity

Students from all around the world attend Alte University, an innovative educational institution, to study medicine. In 2002, it was established. Currently, more than 2,100 students are enrolled in MBBS programs, and more than 2,350 individuals graduate from Alte University. Numerous students from different nations come to study MBBS here. The best dorms on campus for international students are offered by Alte University. 

Why Alte University for MBBS abroad

  • In addition to receiving medical education, candidates enrolled in Alte University Georgia medical programs receive appropriate practical training. The greatest training programs are offered by universities, where doctors or senior professors serve as mentors.


  • Here, the ratio of students to faculty is 15:1. The teacher may provide each student with individual attention. As a result, students travel to 15 different nations to study MBBS at a reasonable cost.


  • It has everything needed to meet the demands of the students. The renovated teaching equipment, student workstations, meeting rooms, and impacted labs all contribute to a vibrant learning environment.

MBBS in Georiga fee for Alte University


All medical students aspire to finish their degrees on a shoestring. Students need not worry; you can review the Alte University fees schedule. The cost structure is affordable for students from overseas. Before accepting an admission offer, candidates who wish to study MBBS here can check. 


MBBS fee structure for Alte University students studying MBBS at Alte  University will need to budget approximately US$5500+3000 in a single year. 


Thus, Georgia is a popular choice for MBBS students for a variety of reasons. The admissions process for institutions in Georgia is simple and uncomplicated. In Georgia, most clinical universities have excellent infrastructure. More than 10,000 students are now enrolled in medical schools in Georgia. Both universities are performing comparably.