Driveway Construction | Everything You Need to Know

In today’s age of transportation, Driveaway contractors in Newcastle play an important role in helping with the transportation process which makes the overall driving experience a pleasant experience.

They ensure all driving paths are smooth and look neat in design, and with their expertise, a lot of planning and construction goes into making a successful, ride for your vehicle.

In this blog, you will learn what is the process of making a driveaway.

Process of Making a Driveway

Planning Stage:

Before the project construction begins it is necessary to plan the steps correctly in how to implement a complete driveaway path.

The first phase is to verify with law enforcement that no rules are being broken, whether they are environmental or zoning laws and traffic laws. Make sure to have permits from the local government that everything is in order and no rules are being broken.

The second phase is to estimate the total cost of the construction. Even though driveaway material consists of gravel, asphalt and concrete, these materials are still expensive and have their cost coverage plans in perspective order.

The third phase is to ensure there is no drainage or sewers that are in the way of the construction to ensure no future problems occur. Water can cause problems down the line, so you need to ensure that it flows away in a different direction from your driveway path.

The fourth phase is the final stage, in which you have to choose the material. Each has its advantages and disadvantages in cost, maintenance and the overall adaptability to the environment and surrounding.

So, make sure to choose the correct materials that fit your costs and can maintained correctly in the future.

Preparing the Ground:

When the process of preparing takes place, it is important to clear the ground of any debris, vegetation or old pavements that may become an obstacle. After that, grading takes place, the ground can be levelled, and a slop can be built on a drainage.

After this comes levelling, in which crushed material consisting of stones is laid on the foundation to form a concrete and firm foundation that smoothens the ground.

The thickness of the ground depends on the material that is used, so please keep in mind what materials you choose for the path.


In construction, there are four steps formations, laying of materials, curing and sealing.

In the first step of formation, wooden forms are laid around the borders of your construction to form a complete picture of your driveway and to ensure that the material stays in its place during setting.

The second step is when the material is laid like asphalt gravel on the ground, and for concrete, you have to ensure that there are joints in its place so that no cracks appear when the concrete hardens up.

The third step is curing. After your material is laid down, you need to ensure that it is left alone to cure so that it can form a solid foundation for your path. Curing takes a while to complete, so during the process, make sure to prevent any trespassers with a sign so that the foundation is not disturbed.

The fourth step is the sealing. After the process of curing is done, make sure to add a sealant, especially for asphalt and concrete that helps to extend the life span and firmness.

Driveaway contractors in Newcastle

 Making Sure Everything goes as planned:

For doing a driveway construction make sure to hire professionals like Driveway Contractors Newcastle as they will provide you a free quote and have highly experienced professionals who will complete your construction neatly and cleanly. They offer different design verities and materials such as Imprinted Concrete in Newcastle, etc.

Inspection of the construction is also important as it helps keep things in check, and you can see the progress goes according to the set time limit. Ask questions if you are unsure about something that doesn’t seem right.

The quality of the material is a huge factor in ensuring the longevity of your driveaway path. Don’t skip out on this important step, as it can lead to problems down the line. Always make sure who your suppliers are and where they are getting the materials you ordered for the construction.

At the end make sure to have inspectors verify your driveway path according to the set rules and regulations. Always bring your permit papers with you on day inspection and provide them to the local inspectors when they ask for them.


So, in conclusion, the construction of a driveway path takes a lot of planning and effort. Still, with the right executions, you can make your driveaway long-lasting and become an important asset in creating a nice scenery for your property or business.