Silicon Showdown: Celebrity Endorsements in the Macbook World

Macbook: Intel’s 2021 Campaign with Long

In 2021, Intel enlisted actor Long to change the narrative. The actor was seen lauding PCs while humorously criticizing various Macbook features, such as the unpopular Touchbar and its limited color options of “gray and gray-er.” The mimicry campaign had a mild amusement factor, but it lacked impact as Long played both roles in the comparisons, without Hodgman to exchange witty remarks. The campaign was short-lived, ending after a few commercials, unlike Apple’s extensive series of ads.

Long’s New Association with Qualcomm

Long seems to have changed alliances once again, this time endorsing Qualcomm. The actor made a brief 25-second appearance at the end of Qualcomm’s Computex 2024 keynote on Monday.

The Computex 2024 Keynote Teaser

The teaser begins with a view of a large house, transitioning to a scene of an older Long working on his MacBook. The MacBook, whose price in Pakistan starts from 233,899 PKR1, starts bombarding him with notifications from both sides, which he dismisses.

The next scene shows Long searching for “Where can I find a Snapdragon-powered PC?” before the camera cuts back to him. Perhaps he’s considering switching from his MacBook Pro, which has a starting price of 338,899 PKR in Pakistan.

The teaser concludes with an awkward round of applause as Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon re-enters the stage to say, “Yes. Things change. Things do change,” before wrapping up the keynote.

Speculations about Future Campaigns

There’s no sign that Long’s “short” will evolve into another anti-Mac ad campaign. The skit seemed to be a standalone performance, akin to a 42-second segment Apple staged with Long’s counterpart, Hodgman, to showcase the improved performance and battery life of the M1 in 2020.


Qualcomm’s Advertising Strategy

Qualcomm doesn’t typically invest heavily in costly television ad campaigns. Therefore, it’s unlikely that we’ll see Long promoting Snapdragons or Copilot+ PCs in multiple commercials as he did with Intel. However, it’s not entirely off the table. While Qualcomm may not have a large advertising budget, Microsoft does.

The Competitive Landscape in Silicon Technology

As Apple continues to enhance its in-house silicon, competitors like Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm are compelled to respond to stay in the game. However, reviving an old Apple ad campaign may not be the most effective strategy, especially when the implications are so ambiguous and insignificant. After all, the Mac Pro, with a price tag starting from 1,494,900 PKR in Pakistan, and the MacBook Pro laptop, priced from 338,899 PKR, continue to hold their own in the market. As for the overall Macbook pro price in Pakistan, it starts from 233,899 PKR.