Surviving a Break-Up As An International Student

As an international student, you will be facing a massive shift in your lifestyle. It is not easy to handle everything, especially when the pain of a break-up is overwhelming you. You feel yourself going with the flow or stuck in the moment. Seeking some time to reflect on the situation but frustration with the inability to find the best solution gives you the worst feeling. 

Surviving a break-up is not easy. It is tough and challenging and many people fail to survive it. The pain is overwhelming when you are not the one willing for the break-up. But remember that when your intentions are pure then, nothing must be there to be afraid of. 

Your survival depends on your ability to accept the truth and seek your happiness. But before you start this, you must seek the truth. Accept where you were wrong or what mistakes you have made. Moreover, there are some additional steps as well that you have to follow and important lines to bear in mind. 

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Surviving a break-up as an international student:

You Have a Beautiful Reason to Move On

When someone leaves you or you leave someone, he is the not only person you were connected with.  You have beautiful people around you who take care of you, love you, and always wish the best for you. For them, you have to move ahead and leave your ex behind. 

For your loved ones’ happiness, stand again and focus on your growth and the well-being of your loved ones. When you truly seek something from your heart, the entire universe becomes your assistant in the task. 

Is Devoting Yourself to Someone Who Was Never Afraid of Losing You Correct?

Take some time and try to observe if devoting yourself to someone who is never afraid of losing you is correct. No, it is not. You love someone for his nature and giving importance to someone’s efforts is a virtue of a good-natured person. Therefore, if the person whom you love fails to acknowledge your efforts or the importance of your life then, he is never a good choice for you. 

Accept the Reality

Accepting the reality is important to move ahead. Just get some time and stay true to yourself for five minutes straight. The world will change if it starts to stay genuine with itself. Just know will he/she come back to your life? Try to know why and also, try to know why he/she won’t come back to your life. Well, there is a fact who can stay without you for one week then, he/she can stay without you forever. 

Time For Yourself 

Till the relationship, you might be giving time to your partner but not as he is not with you anymore, you must give that time to you. Just take a look around you and observe the beauty of the nature. Do what you have been yearning for a long time. 

Remember that sometimes, someone leaves us to let us connect with our inner self. Connect to your inner self in such a way that you no longer need to rely on others for your happiness. 

Bad Qualities of Your Ex

Get some time and try to know the bad qualities of your ex. What makes you feel annoyed about him or her? If he/she always wanted to leave you then, this is the strongest reason to move on. 

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Surviving a break-up is not easy but when you know what to focus on, it can become easy. Focus on self-care, growth, your loved ones, hope for the best, and taking breaks for yourself. Learn to find happiness in sitting with yourself and also use the humbler prayers to God to seek strength to stand again.